Get Live Streaming Recording


This documentation outlines the process of fetching recorded videos for a live stream on DynTube using the stream key. DynTube automatically adds the stream key as a video "tag" when the recording is saved. This allows programmers to retrieve recorded videos for a specific stream using a URL and various query parameters.

Video Retrieval URL

To fetch recorded videos for a live stream, you can use the following URL:

Query Parameters

You can customize the retrieval process by using the following query parameters:

  • size: Specifies the number of videos to retrieve. Example: size=10 retrieves the latest 10 videos.

  • sort: Allows you to specify the sorting order for videos. Example: sort=Created:-1 retrieves videos in descending order of creation.

  • tags: This parameter should be set to the stream key to filter videos related to a specific stream. Example: tags=live_abc123

Multiple Video Files

DynTube's system splits recordings into multiple files if the recording size exceeds 2GB. As a result, you might encounter multiple videos in the API for the same stream.

Date & Time

Each video's title will contain the date and time of each recording, making it easy to identify and organize the videos.


Here's an example URL to retrieve the latest 10 recorded videos for a specific stream:

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