Update Video

Update Video Data

This endpoint will upate some fields of video. The fields are Title, Description, Options and Tags. You will need to POST the full "options" object that you receive in your video GET request. Please don't omit any fields.

Here is a sample request

"id": "VT3qwXmpxIVA",
"title": "Video",
"description": "",
"options": {
"autoplay": false,
"playerColor": "rgba(255, 65, 113, 0.83)",
"playerSkin": "solid",
"controlsColor": "#FFFFFF",
"seekButtons": false,
"volumeControl": true,
"preload": "auto",
"fullscreenControl": true,
"controls": true,
"stickyControls": false,
"defaultQuality": "",
"qualityControl": true,
"speedControl": true,
"fastForward": true,
"bigPlayControl": true,
"playControl": true,
"volume": 1.0,
"loop": false,
"muted": false,
"linkSharing": true,
"modal": false,
"resumePlayback": false
"tags": [],