Create Project

Create a New Project

To create a new project.

Sample JSON Body

Here is a sample JSON request to create a project.
"name": "My Videos",
"description": "This is a demo project",
"region": "use-s", // you can change it for edge plans if needed
"planType": 1, // 1 for standard plans, 2 for edge plans
"options": {
"convertToHls": true, // convert video to HLS format?
"convertToMp4": false, // convert it to MP4?
"useOriginalMp4": false, // Use original upload MP4 and don't transcode
"hlsEncrypt": false, // encrypt this video
"bitrate240p": 0, //Zero means use defaults.
"bitrate360p": 0,
"bitrate540p": 0,
"bitrate720p": 0,
"bitrate1080p": 0,
"bitrate1440p": 0,
"bitrate2160p": 0,
"saveOriginalVideos": false // Save original upload file as backup.