Our system uses webhooks to notify your application about important events.

Set Webhook Endpoint

You can set your app URL in our dashboard to receive webhooks.
Currently, videoPublished event is supported.

videoPublished event

Here is sample JSON data that will be posted for your video.
"event": "videoPublished",
"video": {
"Id": "va6GQeZYw",
"Duration": "00:00:04.9333330",
"ProjectId": "5MuBW7w",
"AccountKey": "tgW4roO",
"Region": "usw-s",
"Image": {
"xsUrl": "",
"smUrl": "",
"mdUrl": "",
"lgUrl": ""
"Captions": [],
"Key": "lsVI0Zrw",
"ChannelKey": "7lebpR8BCUg",
"PrivateLink": "ErssqbQ",
"IframeLink": "RTkew",
"HLSLink": "30lJLv",
"PlanType": 1,
"Mp4Url": "",
"Mp4Urls": [],
"Formats": {
"Hls": true,
"Mp4": false,
"Options": {
"SecureMp4": true
"HLSUrl": "",
"HLSUrlWeb": "",
"Title": "1",
"Description": "",
"Options": {
"Autoplay": false,
"PlayerColor": "",
"PlayerSkin": "solid",
"ControlsColor": "",
"SeekButtons": false,
"VolumeControl": true,
"Preload": "auto",
"FullscreenControl": true,
"Controls": true,
"StickyControls": false,
"DefaultQuality": "",
"QualityControl": true,
"SpeedControl": true,
"FastForward": true,
"BigPlayControl": true,
"PlayControl": true,
"Volume": 1,
"Loop": false,
"Muted": false,
"LinkSharing": true,
"Modal": false,
"ResumePlayback": false
"Tags": [],
"Version": 1,
"Status": 3,
"Created": "2020-10-17T13:49:00.6839646+00:00"